Boston Acupuncture: Why You Need Acupuncture and How Our Boston Acupuncture Clinic Can Help You

When I go about my daily life, I often overhear people mentioning health issues that acupuncture and Chinese medicine can treat if given the chance. When I mention that I am an acupuncturist, one of the first questions someone asks me is “Can acupuncture treat…..?” I usually answer in the affirmative because acupuncture and Chinese medicine can have a positive effect on many health concerns the modern American experiences. Then I pass them my card and just hope to hear from them when what I really want to say is “Here’s why you NEED acupuncture…..” So that’s the topic of this post.

Why you NEED acupuncture!

1) Acupuncture, like yoga, treats the physical body, the brain/mind and the emotional spirit. Many healthcare modalities have separated these aspects of the human organism and focus on just one. Acupuncture strives to treat all three. Obviously, many patients are seeking help with acute or chronic pain and this is one of the areas where acupuncture shines but it is more than just releasing the tension in muscles or relaxing the joints. Acupuncture also stimulates the brain to release chemicals that allow pain relief to occur. In addition, these chemicals wash over the body allowing the mind to focus more on the healing taking place within. The calming sensation that accompanies acupuncture is a testament to this. Other patients seek acupuncture to help manage anxiety, depression or other psycho emotional conditions. The emotional healing that can take place during an acupuncture treatment may be as subtle as a gentle lifting of the dark veil of emotional distress or as profound as a realization about your personality or how to manage a relationship with another. To each his own and the best thing about acupuncture is that it is personalized to allow each patient space to heal at their own pace within the three realms of the body, mind and spirit.

2) Do you have an hour of time strictly to yourself every week? That is what acupuncture gives to you. One hour to relax on a padded massage table with dimmed lights and maybe some soft music. One hour to let your mind tune out the comings and goings of daily life and just focus on the movement of your breath as your belly rises and falls. One hour to discuss with a focused, compassionate human being whatever you want in the session, regardless of whether it is related to your health or not. One hour to set positive goals for your health and wellness and then visualize yourself reaching those goals. In the 168 hours every week, don’t you have one hour to devote to yourself? I bet you do!

3) Your treatment is not the cookie cutter health care you might be familiar with. Your initial treatment focuses strictly on how you are and is unlike any acupuncture treatment anyone else has experienced. While there are particular points that are used for particular conditions, these can be arranged in an infinite manner giving your treatment the flexibility to adjust to what your body needs that particular day or week. The personalized aspect of acupuncture also gives it power to approach the healing process in different ways. For example, one acupuncturist may treat two similar back pain cases in two completely different ways utilizing electro acupuncture in one treatment plan and cupping in another.

4) Remember the tagline at McDonald’s that says “Over One Billion Served”? Well acupuncture is the equivalent of McDonald’s and a whole lot healthier for you. Throughout its history, acupuncture has been used as a primary form of health by billions of people in China and Asia. With this type of track record, shouldn’t you see what all the fuss is about? Acupuncture is no longer the mysterious healthcare therapy that it was. It is being accepted as a viable therapy by the United States military, multiple insurance companies throughout the country and even in the Western medical community. The only thing to do is to give it a try and see how best to incorporate this treatment into your care.

Do you want to try acupuncture? I think you do….in fact, I think you NEED to try acupuncture. Best wishes and I’ll see you in the office soon!